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          Home Page Favorites   Welcome to visit JLCCG Website China  Eglish
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           Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group is restructured from Jilin Province Highway Engineering Bureau. It owns highway engineering construction general contracting special-grade qualification, and it is the largest and strongest professional road and bridge construction team in Jilin Province, a provincial advanced enterprise, a provincial spiritual civilization construction advanced unit, a construction enterprise with AAA reputation of Chinese construction enterprises, one of the top 100 Chinese construction enterprises in comprehensive strength, an excellent Chinese construction enterprise and an advanced group in Chinese communication system. It passed ISO Quality System Certification in 1998, achieved foreign contracting project and labor cooperation management right in 1999, passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification in 2000.
           At present, the total assets of JLCCG have reached to RMB 1.5 billion RMB. JLCCG has 1800 staff and more than 700 professionals of different categories, including 74 staff with senior professional title, and 206 staff with intermediate professional title. It owns more than 3,300 advanced domestic and foreign construction machineries matching the modern constructions., including the road equipments of asphalt concrete and cement concrete have reached to international advanced level, it owns the construction capability and design capability in undertaking large civil engineering and construction projects, including high-grade road, bridge, transportation engineering, airport, wharf, tunnel, water conservancy facility ,etc. Its annual construction capability has reached to more than RMB 6 billion Yuan.
           Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group has undertaken and joined more than 100 high-grade road and bridge projects in 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. Among the projects, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway achieved the “Luban Prize” of Chinese Construction Engineering and “Zhan Tianyou Award” of Chinese Civil Engineering, the Changchun-Jilin Expressway was rated as the “Gold Award” of 2000 National Construction Engineering Quality, “Zhan Tianyou Award” of China Civil Engineering Society and the First Award of High-quality Projects of the Ministry of Communications, the Zha-jia-su Expressway was awarded the “Luban Prize” of Chinese Construction Engineering, the Trunk Line of Beijing-Zhuhai National Highway achieved the High-quality Project Award of the Ministry of Communication, the 2nd Phase Project of Hangzhou-Nanjing Expressway was rated as the Silver Award of National High-quality Projects. Many abroad projects undertaken by JLCCG were rated as High-quality Projects, including the 120KM Roadbed and Road Surface Project in Kathmandu of Nepal, Repair Project of Tolsenchingrad—Haraherlyn in Mongolia, East-west Passageway Highway Project in India, Syncachin Nile River Bridge in Sudan ,Kraskino Road Project in Russia and rehabilitation of Cambodia NRG. They were rated as high quality projects. At present, The Tonghua-Meihekou Section of Ji'an-Shuangliao highway has been completed. The first-stage Metro Line 1of Changchun City is under construction.
           Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group adopts the management principles of “Win market with integrity, create brand with quality, yield benefit with management and seek development with innovation” and the spirit of “God rewards the diligent, and all lucks come together”, sincerely contacts and cooperates with domestic and overseas counterparts and colleagues in all sectors of society for the purpose of developing Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group into a new enterprise group with market internationalization, operation scalization, industrial diversification and management modernization.
        Copyrights: 2009 Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group Address: No. 2085, Weixing Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province Contact Number: 0431-84626277  
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