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        【27th -28th Dec. 2015】
        The first workers congress of JLCCG was held in the meeting room at 6th floor, the representative attendees listened to the speech of Mr.Zhang Dalin, which focus on , and the council of Trade Unions has been elected. Mr Zhang Dalin answered the draft proposals one by one on the conference. Reviewed and voted .

        【November 6-7, 2015】
        Chairman Jin Mingnan, General Manager Sun Xuekui and other senior representatives of Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd went to Pakistan and attended Punjab international seminar on business opportunities held in Lahore. Governor Punjab and Chief Minister Punjab graced the occasion and addressed the participants. About 600 people of Federal representatives, Chinese and Turkish Ambassadors, Provincial ministers, diplomats, government officials, Chambers, Associations, Private sector companies and various organizations participated. One on One meeting with the Chief Minister of Punjab, Business to Government (B2G) meetings and Business to Business (B2B) meetings were organized that a monument of Chinese Pagoda was inaugurated by the Chief Minister and Chinese Ambassador at a central place in the city. 158 MOUs and agreements were signed at the end of the seminar in all the six sectors identified for the event. During the seminar, Chairman Jin Mingnan and General Manager Sun Xuekui communicated and discussed with other senior participants on investment and cooperation. They signed an agreement about building a theme amusement park in Lahore. Moreover, two MOUs were signed during the seminar. One is about providing housing and education facilities to the eligible industrial workers of Punjab and the other is about cooperating with a renowned construction company of Pakistan on highways and bridges. Some of the participants had made better understanding about operation patterns of Golden Bean Group and its subsidiary Jilin Provincial Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd, who expressed the trust and cooperation willingness.

        【August 6, 2015】
        The Chief Minister Damian Mohammed Shahbaz Sharif of Punjab Province, Pakistan visited Beijing and met with President Mingnan Jin of JiLin Province Golden Bean Industry Group Co., Ltd and General Manager Xuekui Sun, Fengxiao Jin of JiLin Provincial Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. They had a friendly conversation and witnessed the signed letter of intention with Chairman Abdul Bakhit of investment and trade bureau in the banquet.

        【December 25, 2014】2015, won the main civil engineering project of HBTJ 02 section of Huinan-Baishan expressway construction (under construction)

        【July 2014】won the bridge and tunnel project in the access section between vehicle section and comprehensive base of phase 1 project of subway No. 1 line (under construction)

        【June 2013】won YXZT-11 contract section of the main body project construction of Zhengzhou Airport-Zhoukou Xihua Expressway (Phase I) (under construction)

        【January 2013】 won the bid to the construction project of Tonghua-Meihekou section of Ji'an-Shuangliao Expressway

        【August 2012】won YS12 contract engineering of Fusong-Songjianghe section of Yingchenzi-Songjianghe Expressway (under construction)

        【In July 2011】won 05 contract section of water damage restore construction project of Antu-Dongqing section of An-Erdaobaihe Highway

        【In February 2011】won 02 contract section of 1st section of new projects of the Xiaohelong connection project of traction test line of CRH manufacturing platform with speed of 350km/h

        【September 2010】won the projects of roadbed, pavement, bridge in SLR 04 section of Jiefang-Ermo Construction Project of Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway

        【August 2010】won the highway and railway overpass (Beijing-Harbin line K992 + 555) Project in the transfixtion project of Feiyue Road in Changchun City

        【October 2010】won one section project of CRH test lien with speed of 350 km/h

        【18 May 2008】Party-masses Working Department organizes all Party Members to pay "special Party Membership dues" for making donations to compatriots in the disaster areas of "May 12" Wenchuan Earthquake, and the total pay of "special Party Membership dues" is 23,950 RMB Yuan

        【14 May 2008】President Jin Mingnan arranged donation issues for disaster relief of  "May 12" Wenchuan Earthquake. The total donation of staff in Golden Bean Group and JLCCG reached to 107, 450 RMB Yuan. President Jin Yongnan donated 100,000 RMB Yuan. The donation of 207,450 RMB Yuan was sent to Charity Federation of Jilin

        【10 May 2008】The Human Resource Department of JLCCG held a public legal staff recruitment to the society.

        【2008 6 to 7 May】The first "JLCCG Cup" Staff Table Tennis Tournament was held in Jilin Communications Polytechnic. Altogether 71 players from 12 teams sent by the Golden Bean Group attended the activity. Yin Shuxian, Secretary of Youth League Work Committee in provincial SASAC system, Zhang Gengfa, Secretory of the Party Committee of Jilin Communications Polytechnic, and Qian Ying, Union President, were invited to attend this activity.

        【27 April 2008】JLCCG, Provincial Baolu Group and Sany Heavy Machinery Group solemnly held excavator delivery ceremony in first work zone of 01 section of Yingchengzi-Songjiang Expressway.



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