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           Distinguished leaders, guests and comrades
           Under the high attention and great support of provincial government and provincial Ministry of Communication, we gathered here today to welcome the commencement ceremony of Fusong-Songjianghe Expressway Project. On behalf of JLCCG, I want to express a warm welcome to every leader taking time out to attend this ceremony, express sincere thanks to all guests, cadres and masses along the expressway and express my sincere regards to all the construtors!
           JLCCG is the only road and bridge construction enterprise with highway general contracting qualification, is good at tough fight, tackle the tough and makes great contribution to the highway construction in Jilin Province and China. JLCCG has achieved many national construction prizes, including “Lu Ban Prize”, “Zhan Tianyou Prize”, etc. Since entering into reshuffle procedure in 2007, JLCCG has withstood the test of new situations and new changes. At present, JLCCG is implementing a more orderly administration and strives to achieve a better and faster development according to the requirements in quality management system, environmental health management system and occupational health and safety management system.
           Among the public bidding among 57 units from different parts of China, JLCCG won the bidding with rational quotation and complete construction plan, which is the incarnation of the technical power and comprehensive construction management power of JLCCG. For this project benefiting the nation and the people, we shall construct it into a high-quality project, safety project and civilization project by having a high sense of political responsibility, following design standard and requirements in construction contract and insisting high quality construction and high efficiency management. We will strive to ensure early completion, early operation and early benefiting and deliver a trustworthy highway to provincial Party Committee, provincial government, owner and the people from all enthnic groups in Changbai Mountain!
        Dear Leaders, Guests and Comrades: A busy construction period is about to come, all constructors will carefully complete all works of project construction by firmly establishing scientific development perspective, seizing every minute, collecting all efforts and forging ahead. We firmly believe that we are sure to complete construction tasks in time and make due contributions to the road and bridge construction in Jilin Province under the attention and assistance of all Party Committees, governments and masses along the expressway, the close cooperation between JLCCG and constructor, high standard start, high quality construction and high level management!
           Thank you!
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