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        The Ministry of Communicationin Jilin Province holds Start and Resumption Conference of 10 Expressways.
        adddate:2013-05-20  Publisher:admin
              According to the strategic deployment in speeding up the construction of expressway issued by the Party Committee and Provincial Government of Jilin Province, Start and Resumption Conference of 10 Expressways in Jilin Province was held by the Ministry of Communication in Jilin Province on May 14. The conference decides to start 5 expressways (including Changchun-Siping, etc.) and resume 5 expressways (including Jingyu-Changbai Mountain, etc.). The total mileage of the start and resumption projects reaches to 1,000km, and the total investment is 84.8 billion RMB Yuan. When these projects are completed in 2015, the total traffic mileage of expressway in Jilin Province will exceed 3,000km, altogether 28 counties (cities) will be connected with expressways in Jilin Province, and 90% of the total population in Jilin Province will access to expressway. At that time, a expressway network of “north-south links, east-west connections, smooth linkage, safety and efficiency ” a communication and transportation pattern of “large traffics, large passage, large pivot and large logistics ” will form. The investment plan of this year is 10.1 billion RMB Yuan, and 74km of traffic expressway shall be built.
              Gu Chunli, Deputy Governor, attended the conference and made a speech. The conference was hosted by Wang Shusen, Deputy General Secretary of Provincial Government. Chang Xiaochun, Secretary of Party Committee and Director-General of the provincial Ministry of Communication introduced the start and resumption situations of the 10 expressways.
        In his speech, Gu Chunli stressed that the main task of this Start and Resumption Conference of 10 Expressways is to implement the strategic deployment of Provincial Committee and Provincial Government, made a general mobilization on speeding up the construction of expressways in Jilin Province, and fully set off a new peak in expressway construction.
              According to Gu Chunli’s requirements, Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Strategy Planning shall be carefully implemented and the regional expressway construction shall be increased. The total deployment of opening up and development forerunner zone of Changchun-Jilin-Tumen shall be implemented, and window, front, interior, south-north link and east-west connection shall be fully implemented to promote industry development, passage construction and regional cooperation. Main ports, international and provincial passages leading to Russia, DPRK and other economic zones in Northeast China shall be constructed to complete the fast passage network of regional internal and external connections. According to the requirements of “Covering north and south”, constructions of the following expressways shall be promoted, including expansion projects of Dunhua (provincial boundary)-Tonghua, Changchun-Siping, expressways of Jilin-Shulan (provincial boundary), Zhenlai-Baicheng,etc. The constructions can improve the service level and traffic capacity of the trunk lines of provincial expressways and promote regional economic cooperation and open strategy. According to requirements of “Enlarging east and connecting west”, the construction of Changchun-Shuangliao Expressway, Tonghua-Meihe Expressway and Jingyu-Changbai Mountain shall be promoted, the connection among central areas of Jilin Province, northeastern areas of Jilin Province, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia shall be further strengthened, the preservation and development of Changbai Mountain shall be promoted and the regional economic society and tourism development shall be promoted.   
              Gu Chuli stressed that the expressway construction shall be increased centering on “Four Modernizations” and private economy development. Expressway construction shall be confirmedly promoted by centering on industrialization and shall take the expressways connecting nine cities (prefectures) and 210 industrial parks as key points. Expressway construction shall be confirmedly promoted by centering on urbanization, shall take the expressways connecting central town clusters and key towns and shall satisfy the need for urbanization layout. as key points Expressway construction shall be confirmedly promoted by centering on agriculture modernization, shall take the completion of road network function as key point, and shall provide road transportation support for agriculture modernization. Expressway construction shall be confirmedly promoted by centering on informatization, shall take the high integration of expressway and informatizaiton as key point, shall strengthen expressway operation and management through informatizaiton and shall lead the informatization development with advanced expressway network. Expressway construction shall be confirmedly promoted by centering on the strategy of Provincial Committee and Government in highlighting private economy, shall promote people flow, logistics and information flow with advanced expressway network and shall faithfully improve the pulling and driving effect of expressway on private economy.    
              Gu Chunli required to perfect expressway network and establish the expressway pattern in Jilin Province. Present period is the fastest development period and the most important period of expressway development in Jilin Province, so all government levels, departments and traffic and communication system are shouldering important political responsibility, and they shall cooperate with each other and form a working pattern of overcoming difficulties, implementing management and making common progress. The development difficulties in traffic and communication system shall be solved by taking the following measures, including deepening reform, importing strategic investors, etc. The construction tasks in all construction projects shall be completed in time and with high quality by careful organization, scientific management.
        Gu Chuli also provided requirements on the following works, including management and maintenance of highways in Jilin Province, road traffic safety,, road construction safety, bridge and tunnel safety, passenger and dangerous material transportation safety, etc
        Chang Xiaochun introduced the situations of 10 expressways, including Changchun-Siping Expressway, Dunhua (provincial boundary)-Tonghua Expressway, Tonghua-Meihekou Expressway, Jilin-Shulan(provincial boundary) Expressway, Changchun-Shuangliao Expressway, Jingyu-Changbai Mountain Expressway, Zhenlai-Baicheng Expressway, Liaoyuan-Dongliao (provincial boundary) Expressway, Songyuan Bypass Highway, Jilin Bypass Highway, etc. 
              For the main works in future, Chang Xiaochun pointed out the follows: According to the requirements of Provincial Committee and Government, the provincial Ministry of Communication will fully promote expressway construction, take expressway construction as key point, make construction organization plan, set construction period in reverse order, make start and resumption timetable for each project, clarify phase construction task and detail responsible person for each project and promote construction process according to plan. At the same time, the provincial Ministry of Communication has made three-year construction arrangement after the completion of expressway in advance, increase project preliminary and audit work, strengthen project reserve and guarantee the an orderly and continuous expressway construction.    
              Chang Xiaochun expressed that the provincial Ministry of Communication will accelerate the solution speed on expressway construction problems of shortage of fund, construction land audit and demolition, etc. In construction fund financing, the ministry will strengthen its close connection with provincial financial departments, compete for get central vehicle purchase tax fund together, get fund support and local bond fund support within the provincial financial common budget and make its own fund shortage. It will strengthen its cooperation with financial units, compete for more project loans and increase loan fund flow. It will negotiate with financial department and financial units to help us in establishing enterprise financing platform and improve the financing capacity of traffic development. It will import strategic investors by adopting BT, BOT, etc. It will excavate policy resource, researches to develop financing by land reserve, further open its market, encourage and import private capital to invest in expressway construction and expand financing channel. If construction land audit and land demolition, the provincial Ministry of Communication will closely link with local government and solve problems through close cooperation.  
              Chang Xiaochun raises the following goals: the ministry will improve project management, research and make quality and safety management system, implement quality and safety responsibility system, strengthen management, urge project legal person to establish effective management procedure and strive to make every highway become fine highway. It will take cost reduction and efficiency improvement as important tasks of expressways, implement whole process cost control in all aspects, including survey design, material purchase, project construction, etc., effectively reduce construction cost and save fund. It will further complete the corruption risk control in the expressway construction process, strengthen monitor and inspection intensity in aspects of tender, design change, material purchase, contract performance, project fund payment, etc., stop loopholes and strive to build clean project and sunshine project.
              During conference conclusion, Wang Shusen requested all regions, departments to convey and implement the speech spirit of Gu Chunli, Deputy Governor, raise expressway construction to strategy level which relates to the economic and social development overall situation of Jilin Province, carefully implement duties and responsibilities, increase working force and fully promote expressway construction.   
              The following person attended the conference, including leaders in relevant departments in relevant municipal (prefecture) governments and relevant provincial departments, responsible person of project legal entity and responsible person of relevant departments (offices) of provincial Ministry of Communication and relevant provincial units .