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         Progress of Huinan-Baishan Expressway Project 2015-08-14
         Process of Tonghua-Meihekou Expressway 2015-08-05
         JLCCG won Huinan-Baishan Expressway Project 2015-01-06
         Introduction of Tonghua-Meihekou Expressway 2014-08-01
         Project Overview 2014-04-08
         Promote project construction with all strength and initiate workers to work energetically 2013-10-13
         The Ministry of Communicationin Jilin Province holds Start and Resumption Conference of 10 Expressways. 2013-05-20
         The total traffic mileage of expressways in Jilin Province will reach to 4,500KM in 2015 2013-03-18
         Plum and otherfour expresswaythroughthe provinceproject starts 2012-10-25
         JLCCG won Fusong-Songjianghe Section of “Yingchengzi-Songjianghe” Expressway Project 2012-06-29
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